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In preparation for each rehearsal:

  • Always check your e-mail during the week and just before coming to rehearsal -- this is our best way to tell you things you need to know.
  • Call us if you will be late or are sick -- the phone number to call is at the bottom of Sandi's weekly email. This is very important, as it affects what Dr. Steinberg chooses to work on in the rehearsal.
  • To every rehearsal bring:
    a music stand marked with your name. You can use masking tape to provide a writing surface on the stand.
    a pencil, and always have it with you!
    your own music, even if you have a stand partner. Each of you should be marking your music in sectionals so that you will be prepared to practice at home. Check your music binder before you leave home to insure that you've got all your music.
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