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The elements of each rehearsal


For most of you, half of each rehearsal is devoted to sectionals. During this time you will work on the orchestra music with a professional coach who specializes in your instrument type. This is where you concentrate on just your section's part. It is important to listen to your coach's suggestions on playing techniques for your instrument. Study their example for the tone quality, rhythm, articulation and intonation for which you should strive. Our professional coaches are one of the things that make our youth orchestra so special -- take advantage of it! They welcome your questions about the music and about being a musician. Always treat your coaches with dignity and respect, which you should extend to your fellow ensemblists as well.

Break Time:

Get a snack, usually provided in the rotunda (but no food or drink in the theatre itself of in the sectional rooms, sorry) make friends, use the restroom and move to your next location.

Full-Orchestra Rehearsal:

The other half of the rehearsal is with the full orchestra. Here you will be rehearsing on the stage in the theatre with Dr. Steinberg. During this part of the rehearsal you should be listening to how your part fits in with the rest of the orchestra. It is during this time that Dr. Steinberg will provide his interpretations of the music -- the dynamics, tempo and articulation that make our presentation unique. And remember -- watch the conductor!

At the end of the Rehearsal:

Please check that you have collected all your belongings. Other groups use this space, and finding things left behind is very difficult -- they are frequently gone forever. We are not on-site between rehearsals to go and look for things you've left.

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