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Concert Etiquette

How to dress:

Boys: white button down shirt, no tie, black jacket. Black slacks, black socks, black shoes.
Girls: all black, either NICE pants or dress/skirt ANKLE length or floor length. Sleeves must be to elbows or longer. Black shoes.
NOT ALLOWED: black jeans, black t-shirts, black tennis shoes.

What to bring:

Please remember to bring your instrument, extra reeds, rosin and strings, and cellists and bassists must always bring an end-pin stop. BRING YOUR MUSIC, even if you usually use the music of your stand partner.

How to act:

Family members and guests should be asked to arrive in time to park and find their seats. Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance. In keeping with the classical tradition, applause should be held until the end of a multi-movement piece. You might advise members of your party who may not be familiar with classical concert etiquette of this curious custom.

Please remember that we are guests of the places where we perform. You represent our orchestra, and you must keep in mind that they may revoke their permission for us to perform at their facility if we should abuse their trust. This means no running in the halls or loud talking, cleaning up after yourselves and behaving courteously at all times.

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