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The order of the rehearsal

Our usual rehearsal schedule is from 1:15 -- 5:00. Here's the plan:

  • 1:15 Musicians arrive, go either to the theatre or the sectional room, unpack their instruments and set up their music and pencil. Position the stand so that you can see both the music and the conductor or coach -- this may mean raising the stand quite high. Tune and then warm up by playing some passages practiced at home
  • 1:25 In the theatre the concertmaster tunes the orchestra by sections: brass, then woodwinds, then strings.
  • 1:30 The conductor or coach makes announcements, names the first piece to be played, and we're off!
  • 3:05 Break time
  • 3:25 The orchestras switch places, and the rehearsal continues
  • 5:00 The rehearsal ends. Be sure to bring all your things home.
Parents, don't drop your kids off for orchestra at the last minute. It takes time for musicians to set up, time to tune, and this should not come at the expense of the other kids. We've set out a small period of time at the beginning of the rehearsal that is meant for these activities; please allow the kids to use this time rather than arriving later and interfering with the orchestra or sectional.
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