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Seating Placement Auditions

What they are:

These are short auditions, occurring several weeks into the season, in which your coach hears everyone in the section play excerpts from one or two of the compositions the orchestra is preparing for the concert. Your coach will let you know exactly which segments will appear in the audition so that you can spend extra time preparing them. Students are then seated within the section according to the needs of the orchestra.

What we look for:

We like to see that you have been practicing your part and listening during rehearsal. We look for musicality in your playing, with good intonation and accurate rhythm. In the case of string section leaders, leadership qualities are considered as important as technique. In a section leader we want someone who sets a good example with his professional attitude in rehearsals. A section leader must also follow the conductor carefully so that the section he leads will contribute its best to the orchestral synthesis.

How to prepare:

Pay special attention to the pieces selected for the seating auditions -- they are usually the most difficult on the program. Listen carefully during rehearsals and sectionals for Dr. Steinberg's instructions and for comments from your coaches, and mark your part. Take the music to your teacher for help. Practice difficult parts of the piece slowly, carefully and in small sections. Don't be nervous!

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