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On-line Payment

Note that payment by credit card results in a 2.2% use fee plus a $0.30 transaction fee. This is added to your total so that LAYO will end up with the amount listed as the "payment amount". If you manage to make the payment in some way that does not result in such charges, for instance by paying directly from your paypal account, then LAYO will end up with more than the payment amount and will be happy (or at least willing) to refund the difference.

For those interested, the formula is 0.30 + tuition/0.978

Needless to say, you could avoid these extra charges by paying by check.

Please tell us what you are paying for, e.g.,tuition or Italy Tour, for which student, and any other relevant details.
Please do not use PayPal to pay for tickets.
Payment amount $
credit card fees $
Total = $

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